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Cursillo: 2020 Cursillo Weekend
Austin Convocation Ultreya Schedule.
Ultreya Dates & Locations subject to change!!!

Month Weekend
Where -->Team
January     No Ultreya
February #256 Feb 20-23: Campsite #A-B
The Cursillo of TBD...
  No Ultreya
March     No Ultreya
April    No Ultreya  
May    No Ultreya
June      No Ultreya
July     No Ultreya
August #257 August 13-16: Lakeside    No Ultreya
September   No Ultreya  
October   No Ultreya 
November   No Ultreya
December   No Ultreya

Most weekends are at the Lakeside Meeting Center & Cabins with shared-cabin accommodations; $225/person for Cursillo Lakeside weekends, $175 for In Step.
** The November weekend is at the campsite (separate men's & women's dormitory style accommodations, $100/person--In Step Only).
There is a $50 scholarship for pilgrims and a $75 scholarship for clergy & spouses.

Ultreya Dates are: 1) Sunday after a Cursillo Weekend or; 2) 2nd Sunday of month.
* indicates Steering Committee meeting after the Ultreya.
Per March 11, 2012 Steering Committee: All Ultreyas begin at 4:00 PM unless otherwise noted.
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