S8356: Java Swing User Experience with real code examples.
SHARE Technical Conference
March 7, 2000

SHARE: It's not an acronym. It's what we do!

Comments from attendees -- March 7, 2000

Though not strictly "OO" ths was excellent of how another programming paradigm (COBOL) can take advantage of "OO" encapsulation to ensure safe code. Very instructive and recommends JAVA as a platform!

Was entertaining and had a lot of information to pass on.

Very useful, showing the user POV. Was able to answer a side question about a subject which was critical to my work (mouse trails JAVA bug). Thank You!

Steve - thank you! Great job & good example of various practical things we can really use.

Please repeat in Boston with another more advanced example.

Always define each term the first time you say it, i.e., what is SWING (one sentence definition).

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