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Updated June 28, 2017: AnyWho reverse lookup changed. Only works for white pages, not cell #s.
These are a few of my favorite phone directory search sources.
If you find these useful, check out the rest of:

Yahoo! People Search

Sorry, Yahoo has removed the reverse search capability from their system.
Yahoo! People Search is an Internet white page directory targeted to searching for address and telephone number information.

AnyWho Directory Service      Reverse Telephone Search
AnyWho has chosen to make their reverse search function unavailable from other web sites.
Please click above to directly access their reverse search page.

The AnyWho Directory Service provides on-line access to U.S. residential telephone listings. It includes more than 90 million entries for all 50 state plus Washington, D.C. Entries can be added or updated quickly and easily.

The above sources were found at:   Internic White Pages Sources
The Internic White Pages includes a number of white page applications that are publicly available on the Internet.
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