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Principal, JSR Systems, since 1975. Develop on-line Accounting, Inventory, Personnel and Tax Appraisal/Collection systems for private clients.

Experienced with HTML, Java, COBOL (Year 2000 expertise), Storage Management, IBM 360 Assembler, C, C++, Visual Basic, and many more. Operating system experience includes MVS, VSE, Windows (95, NT, and 3.1), DOS, Novell Netware and others.

Has extensive experience working with clients to determine needs, discuss options for solutions, and developing a complete solution using hueristic feedback techniques.

Has a strong reputation for developing very low maintenance systems (i.e, virtually bug free). Developing and implementing a test plan is an integral part of any JSR Systems development project.






Information Systems Director with over thirty years of experience in all phases of Information Systems. Retired as Senior Director, Systems Support for a large State Government Agency. Strong reputation for ability to lead the development and implementation of modern information systems, with a strong technical knowledge and proven ability to work with and inspire staff to produce top level, quality work.

Texas Education Agency, Austin, Texas 1966-1995

A Partial List of Published Presentations.
James Steven Ryder, MPA, CDP.
  • Sessions from Recent SHARE Meetings
  • This following list represents about half of the sessions presented during the period 1973 to 1998. Other sessions either were not published, or the reference can not be verified.

    Steve Ryder, Senior Director
    JSR Systems
    2805 Robbs Run
    Austin, Texas 78703
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